Friday, October 10, 2014

Early Fall Record Haul

Last weekend, Stan and I went for a Sunday sushi and excursion the other day. Our only major investment for the evening (outside of our bellies) was a pretty good haul at Omega Records. And I always enjoy sharing record covers with ya'll. So here 'tis.

Stan awoke from his afternoon nap to my booming rendition of Ole Man River.

Perfect fall piano. And look at those paws!
Do you know these people? You should. I promise they aren't twerking.
A highlight from Nerds would be the titular song. I've loved these gals for awhile, wooed through another self titled album featuring harmonies that hurt a little they're so pleasantly, & humanly dissident.
Never had any Rush, before.
Biggest investment, and great payout. Love Jazz in the fall. Or whenever else.
Good snag, husband. (Have you seen the amazing inner sleeve from this one?)
Dave and chums do it again. (53 years ago)
Bought this one for those days when I need some real patriotic music.
"Fatha" Hines' stuff is easy to find and fun to hear. He ambles casually through jazz favs.
I got this because it has Marshmallow World on it.... so sue me.
I love listening to these records in our new home. The little crackles sound like popping kindling and almost make me believe we have a working fireplace.

Hand-me-down music is the best.

Some guy (gal?) named Schumpert's collection (see his John Hancock on the Charlie Parker cover?) was recently added to the shelves. I could tell through a few minutes of flipping that he'd spent years collecting and listening to jazz especially. Think of all that record flipping! And now I'm flipping his record. I hope that if he's still around, he's still listening, just to a different format. But maybe he's not around. And I hope one day when I'm not around someone will continue to listen to my collection as well.
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