Ok, not so much "Film" as "Videos"

I enjoy putting music and images together in amusing ways. Sometimes I fiddle with animation. Sometimes I make music. Sometimes I take myself seriously, but not usually. I don't have fancy tools, just an old Canon PowerShot and imovie on my macbook. Click on the TVs to check stuff out!

I Carry Your Heart: Stop motion animation video made for a final project in a class I took the Spring of 2011. I used construction paper and took over 650 still pictures to achieve the final look.

 Sarah McDog: A dear friend made a stuffed hotdog mashup of me and Ally McBeal. It was imperative that I make the opening credits to the "Sarah McDog Show". Made in one afternoon.

 Lily Eats an Apple: Sometimes my niece is unbearably cute. I then have to share it with the whole world.

Valentine: My very first venture into stop motion. An old valentine project. It's very hard to track what the corn spells out. (Glad you're mine.)

 Girls Night: This song was made for girls night. It started out as a joking suggestion. "Oh we should totally have a theme song." I made it reality.

Dead: I wrote this song in 7th grade. I recorded it (my first recording venture) in the Spring of 2011.

Exit Music: This is my attempt at a cover of a radiohead song. I'm still working out the kinks on garageband.

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