About Me

Hey Ya'll! I'm Sarah (Huff) Frank, and you've found my blog.  

I have a degree in creative writing from a tiny college named after the sound a nickel makes when you drop it in the toilet (Beloit!). But, more importantly, I've learned to love the arts and people who participate in them. I fill every possibly moment with adventure and creativity. 

Currently, I'm employed in student ministries at my church, and that is really satisfying work. I love young people- probably because I still feel like a teenager (and sometimes get confused for one!). But I'm no workaholic. My true passions are in creative outlets. I don't rely on work to make me feel productive.

If call myself a "renaissance woman" would you consider it as bragging? I am a woman who wears many hats: wife, aunt, friend, crafter, goofball, artist, musician, geek, jesus-lover, writer, activist, educator, party animal, liberal, romantic a child at heart. And I tend to look at the world through rose-y lenses. Glass "Huff" Full, if you will. (A pun on my maiden name. - Marriage is no reason to abandon a good name-based pun.)

In this space, I'm sharing my thoughts, my projects and some of my favorite things. Feel free to follow and let me know what you think. 

<3 Sarah

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