Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Up & At 'Em

This isn't going to be a food blog. It isn't going to be a journal or therapist. Neither will it be a soapbox, an account of events, a tally or any number of things. But it may very well be all-of-the-above.

It has become increasingly apparent that I am out of the habit of writing. Well, here I am. The title is not a reference to food & wine. So don't expect me to spout about turmeric and fennel. (I may, still, though.) The title is a recognition of the fact that I have always been a glass-half-full girl and though it might not lend itself well to the angsty life of a writer or academic, it is something to be proud of and preserve. This space will be a positive place.

In real life, I enjoy my glass most when it is more than full and constantly attended to- so it stays that way.

On to the first post.

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