Friday, July 8, 2011

Recent Attempts of A Crazed Crafter

My "roommates" (aka my parental units) are gone for five days on a journey to (to Minneapolis, of all places!). The empty house has prompted some crazy productivity - as well as some unnatural fears of dark rooms and empty windows. I've cleaned my desk and organized my files. More importantly, I've tackled and mastered my most recent wedding project. Look forward to seeing what is inside THIS package sometime after the 16th of June.

Yesterday evening, I also made my first emergency banana bread. You know the type. The bananas are brown past tastiness and you have two options: either toss the fruit in the garbage or channel June Cleaver and make banana bread out of that mushy pulp. I've always wanted to be the type of person who actually made the bread rather than wasting. In the past, I've generally been the gal with the good intentions who sticks the bananas into the freezer to "save" them for when she has time for such things as baking. Usually, that just lead to throwing out frozen, black bananas 6 months later.

Today, I hope to make some more figurative banana bread. I've been thinking about trying to cover and record a song on my computer. Today is the day. If (no, WHEN) I'm done, I'll be sure to share the results. And, on the note of sharing results of experiments. Here are some of my other more recent projects to keep you satiated until you get to see the innards of the next wedding present:

My brother-in-law's brother got married 2 weekends ago. (Sounds comically distant, but it's really not.) I hurriedly tossed together an embroidery for the two of them. The Bible verse mentions "making allowances for each other's faults". I hope they can make allowances for one of my faults: choosing to freehand the lettering in the sample. It sure is homey- if not ugly. Yikes! I bit the bullet and gave it to them anyway.

Also- I've done some more video fanangling. My dear dear friend Liz (of the famously rad Andrew and Liz) made another AMAZING gift for me when I was having some down-in-the-dumps time. It's a little hard to explain the context, but the gist is that the doll is a cross between Me, Ally McBeal, and a hotdog. Now Presenting: the intro segment to Sarah McDog the new TV sensation.

Also threw together a cute video of my lil' neice, Lily. She does the darndest things.

EDIT: as of 6:39pm, THIS MUSIC VIDEO was also posted on the youtube. Banner day.

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