Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Things I'd Rather Do (than write a cover letter)

Xs indicate those tasks which I was unable to persuade myself to put off until later.

1. Take photos of a little pillow I made out of my first attempt at embroidery. (an unfinished project sent to my mother as a birthday present several years ago)  X

 2. Walk to the bank and deposit my paycheck.  X

3. Stop in at the Farmersville antique shop. It has no name but it does seem to get frequent new additions. Learn the proprietor's name is Dave and his grandparents were from Hazard, KY. Small world. Purchase a fancy new 5 ft long necklace and some other things.  X

4. Take glamour shots of my teeny tiny town.  X

5. Take pictures of a necklace I made out of some antique shoe clips my mother gave me early this year. (She is not sure if they were my grandmother's or my great grandmother's.)  X

6. Blog about my procrastination problems.  X

7. Mail a care package to a friend with gifts from the antique shop. (I would have done this today, too but the postman had already made his rounds.)

8. Make salsa from the fresh romas and green pepper I just picked from my "yarden" (yard garden!). **EDIT- as of 7pm I did this instead of working on those dumb applications as well. X**

9. Try my hand at recreating a ruffly front shirt I saw the other day. (I made a quick sketch so I wouldn't forget how it was put together.)

10. Pretty much anything else in the world short of maiming myself.


  1. Love this Sarah. Wish we lived in the same town so we could go antiquing together. Going to miss you this weekend, but looking forward to hanging out with the most awesome uncle in the world! *hugs*

  2. Dang, just look up a template and work from that. It will go so fast that your head will implode from the g forces.


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