Friday, April 20, 2012

Swinging with my Singer in the Spring

I've had a good time getting reacquainted with my old fold-away Singer sewing machine these past few weeks. It had been packed away in my parent's garage for several years while I was a more transient person. I was certain that when I unwrapped it I would discover spider's nests and rusted pieces. But then, I hooked her up and tried a straight stich. To my suprise, besides a little burning oil smell (much like the sweet Christmas odor of my dad's old Lionel Train set), the thing runs fine! 

I have to say, I had missed the bobbin winder on this thing - it does it right in place! No moving the bobbin around. I love the ease. Now, the feeders and the needle alignment could use some improvement. It might be time for a Sewing Machine Doctor visit.

I've enjoyed making a mess of my craft room lately. It is a wonderful luxury to have a space that I've reserved for creating things. I'm doing a decent job of keeping the projects confined so the room can also be functional for guests.

After the hubbub of Easter dissipated, I took on a project I had been eyeing on Pinterest. I don't really do racer-back shirts, though so I tweaked the concept and tried (operative word is TRIED) to use a good fitting tank as a loose template to shape the men's shirt into a blousey tank. In my eagerness to make something in a short window of time, I didn't consider the difference in fabric enough and the result was a tiny tiny vest that didn't close in the front. After adding a back panel constructed from left over sleeve pieces and under arm gussets I finally had a shirt that fit- but it isn't all that blousey. I enjoyed making the bias tape for the edging, it really gave it a finished feeling. I also added a little hook and eye between the 2nd and 3rd buttons to prevent gaping.

I think the final look is still pretty cute - if not a little bit Amishly modest. The added panel and gussets actually give it some neat structural details. I've already worn the shirt once, with a belt. I think it will be nice to have a few of this type of shirt for the summer. Breezy and loose. I like the sound of it. I also like the sound of summer.

As I was dismembering the men's button up shirt for this project I kept the collar intact. I wondered if I could pull it off as a necklace. I don't know. It might require a certain amount of fashion confidence to pull off in public but it was fun to fiddle with in private. I think I like the skewed look, personally. It has a scarf feeling with more structure.

A work friend of mine and his wife just had their 3rd child and first girl, Shiloh. I spent the last couple evenings hunching over something cute for them. I want to give it to him first before I spread pictures of it on here. So get ready for cute. Feels good to be making things. God sure gave me some fun talents to keep me busy. 

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