Monday, October 24, 2011

Antiquing Antics

Mondays are the new Saturdays in my life. So far, since I have yet to settle into my new schedule, my days off have been reserved for recuperating. (and blogging!) This week, I went on a little outing by myself and did a little prepping for the apartment I have yet to find.

When I stopped by the little (nameless) antique shop in Farmersville, the guy turned on the lights and furnace for me. I was his first customer of the day at around 1pm. The space isn't easily heated. His plan is to sell the shop once the snow flies. I wanted to contribute to the local economy while I could. 

Turns out there were several shiny objects there to catch my eye. The tea strainer is large enough to do a whole pot of loose leaf. I'm excited for the new doors this will open in my tea-drinking life. The silver basket may end up on a wall, it's so pretty!

Other gems from the shopping day's "work"(not necessarily antiques- why limit the buying power?):

A) Two of my favorite movies on VHS.
B) Nautical Gap Shoes.
C) Superhero glassware that I simply couldn't pass up.
This post is the blog equivalent to the show-and-tell that concludes every successful day of shopping in my household. Sometimes I like to spread the goods all over the floor and just stare at them all. So sue me, sometimes I'm really into materialism. Especially cute, vintage materials.


  1. i like all your stuff :) and wondering if you got your basket - or your phone call re: apartment/room?

  2. We are SO related! Sharing amazing shopping finds is one thing I miss about living with mom and sisses. (Or being around Aunt Sue - yep. Let's just blame her. LOL) Great finds. Especially the tea thingy. I have one about that big that fits right into a mug. Just lift out when done! Glad you had a fun day. I'll shop vicariously through you if that's all right. *MWAH!*


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