Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Call for Rhubarb

Somehow, being amply employed, seems to breed further productivity on the home front. Instead of only napping and vegging out (which -oh yes- I'm still finding time to do), I've become a creature of the kitchen. Fall also has something to do with that. I love fall foods, especially roasts and soups. I love how you can throw anything into a pot, then a few sprinkles of spices and some broth and -poof- you have soup!

But today's topic isn't la sopa, it's rhubarb. 

I scored an armful of fresh rhubarb on Saturday morning and decided to dedicate some of the afternoon to a crisp and some quick and easy jello jam. But first, have you ever noticed how beautiful a bisected rhubarb stalk is? I think it would be gorgeous to fill a window with a "pane" of rhubarb. Patterns in nature are so cool.

The cobbler was a roll of the dice. And not really "cobblery" at all. I used this recipe because it seemed the most simple. The crust dough, however, was way more moist than I expected. I actually ended up rolling the dough to create the topping which by the directions I was supposed to be able to "crumble". If I had it to do over, I would remember to puncture the crust with some cute lil' shapes.

The extra rhubarb became raspberry rhubarb Jell-O jam. So easy, one of my favorite fall treats. Each of the recipes I made yesterday needed a "glue" to hold things together or help them take form. Gelatin, corn starch, broth. 
Life is much like food. The best meals -and moments- are usually a combination of surprising elements mixed together in harmony. In food, it's the science that holds it together. In life? (Oh, it's cheesy but true.) Love.

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