Monday, February 13, 2012

Many Earrings Made in Absence

Hello, internet friends. I went on an adventure or two in the last couple weeks and so have experienced a little (much needed) distance from the internet. You should see how behind I am in all my Words With Friends games! But I've returned with a couple finished projects. I've been doing a little tv-time crafting lately.

Mainly, I've been making earrings. Some are inspired by some sparkly fishing lures I picked up at Cabella's on the way home from a long weekend visit to Ann Arbor. One pair went to my mother for her 57th birthday. She opened the gifts as she sipped on her first mango lassi at a very grown up Indian food dinner treat from her very grown up youngest daughter. I didn't snap any pictures of her earrings, but they were a hit.
The little green bead on the top of the below earring also made an appearance on mom's earrings. It was originally from a wind chime that my family had at the island house at Put-In-Bay. Mom was excited to see it in a new form. The best kinds of gifts, in my humble opinion, mix old memories with new beauty. And now my mom and I have matching-ish earrings. It's a new take on the broken heart, best-friend necklace.

I thought I'd also share this shot I took while I was doing the earring photo shoot. I flung on a coat and some rubber boots over my favorite lazy day outfit: my adult-sized zipper sleeper (minus the feet, sadly). 

Lots of bloggers take beautiful pictures of themselves looking all perfectly primped and pulled together. Not me. I am a schlub. Don't expect cute coiffures and pressed hems from me. Sometimes, maybe I'll get it together for that- but more likely than not, my house is looking cuter than I am on any given day.

I already have more to share with you. Get ready for a post valentines recap of an awesome antiquing day that I had with "the Amys" (two friends who share a great name!) today. 

For now: I hope tomorrow is fantastic for you. Valentines day isn't my favorite, but I do love vintage-y valentine fare. This handkerchief belonged to my grandmother. I found it crumpled up yesterday in a red silk purse hidden away in a box of family things in my closet. 

The design is by Carl Tait. I did a little online seeking and found out he has a vast collection of handkerchief designs. They are really wonderful- playful, quirky and bright.


  1. Aww. I wish I could be part of antiquing with Amys.

    1. There are a lot of great Amys out there. :)

  2. Aww, I wish I could be part of antiquing with Amys!

  3. how about krap shopping with kim someday? i love junking! nice blog.


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