Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tippacanoe & Old Stuff Too! (or) Antique Antics 2

A picture diary of a fun pre-valentine's day gift: a day with some lovely gals doing something I love to do! Mostly, this is a look-what-I-found entry. Bear with me. Ooh and ahh if you wanna.

The antique shop we visited had a great selection of creepy dolls, as shown in these pictures. And check out that awesome Santa Claus washing basin and pitcher. 

It seems odd to me that someone would want to collect creepy doll heads and display them in their home. But then again, I come from an odd family, so who's to judge. 

When I was a child, my mother kept her doll collection in a large glass-doored curio-cabinet in my bedroom. I used to sneak into the drawer at the bottom of the locked cabinet. I would shuffle open a brittle box and inside? A beautiful, pristine original Barbie in a black and white swimming suit. Her hair was so soft, like the underside of a puppies ear. The other dolls in the collection included some Madame Alexanders and several dolls collected by her mother and grandmother during international travels. I always felt like their little eyes were watching me sleep.

And now, for the booty that came home with me. No creepy over-sized clowns made it into my shopping basket. But I did come home with three awesome things:

Wanna come visit me and go shopping? It could be arranged. I have a guest room.


  1. Oh SO jealous Sarah. That's what's nice about the East coast. Antique shops actually have antiques! There are a couple good ones around here, but I feel like the variety certainly isn't as good as the ones I've been to in Ohio. How fun would it be to go shopping together? Maybe someday Ryan can fly me out for a weeks visit... One can dream can't one? LOVE YOU!

  2. Okay... You have to take me there. Can't wait.


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