Monday, July 2, 2012

Earring Excavation - A Garage Sale Gift

My gal pal thought of me when she saw this tiny tub full of vintage earrings at a garage sale the other day. After taking a couple pairs for herself she gifted me the remaining booty. (I must be doing something right if my friends know my taste and interests so well.)

After a quick alcohol bath, I discovered that there were mostly complete pairs in the container (hooray!). I came out of the business with 15 matched earrings and another 5 misfits. As I laid them out to dry I started to think about the people who may have worn them. Some were modern, some were more traditional or ornate. I couldn't help myself but to start assigning names to each. The result? A sort of yearbook page of earrings including some superlatives. 

Now, to wear them all! I think that Summer is my favorite, though I really enjoy many of them. Can you guess the ones I don't like? (Hint: they got the old lady names.)

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