Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I Use My College Degree (a random post)

This afternoon brought about a brief, yet wonderful, lunch with a dear college friend. We reminisced about some hilarious college moments. Some less than instructional classes we took, and the moments and relationships that were the real learning experiences of our college years. 

I don't regret my education one bit. Sometimes, I wonder whether I should have avoided some of the debt I incurred by going to a private liberal arts school. But overall, I am a sum of the parts of my life decisions. Beloit College is a huge part of who I turned into. But was my creative writing major integral to the career choices I made there on out? Meh. I dunno. I still write some (See this blog? This is writing!) but I'm no "writer". I learned plenty in college that I use on a daily basis, but it's fun when I am surprised by a task where I get to use something I actually learned in class.

One thing I learned in college was how to pull off a project at the very last moment. Procrastination and I were best buddies back then. Lucky for me, I work in a job where last moment tasks abound. 

Check out this 3 hour set design I tossed together (with my team's help) for a worship night this week. The set pieces existed already, but we 1) covered it teacher-bulletin-board-style with brown painter's paper, 2) popped it with a giant cardboard picture frame, & 3) spray painted thanks in many languages. Add some candles and other random frames and - Boomski!- set designed. Thank you Set Design class from senior year.

And when I went to Big Stuf, knowing I would have to suffer the 15 hour bus ride there and back I sought out a travel pillow at the local pharmacy. No luck. (Turns out they only stock them at Christmas. Like that's the only time when people travel. Come on.) So I toss together this gem from a quick pattern of my own creation. Thank you Costume Shop Employment when I learned how to make patterns.

Each and every day on a regular basis I am editing and arranging and designing and calculating. Maybe I'm not a writer on the clock, but I'm sure using the skills I acquired during my early 20's. Of course, there are times when nothing could prepare me for what I would do on the job. Thank goodness I work in a place where my job is full of weird surprises. (Like this crazy video I made with my team. Seriously, my job is awesome.)

Anyways, it is good to take a moment sometimes and recognize the way my skills and talents are used. It's really satisfying to see years of training and hard work come to fruition, even if it is through little projects and moments of success and not grandiose finales. Just because I'm not a CEO of my own company, a famous performer or artist, or even a published author doesn't mean I haven't seen great success in my life. It's easy to overlook amazing accidental successes if you get caught up in the lofty goals you originally set for yourself. 

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  1. no one else even considered you weren't absolutely successfully using every ounce of your education and talents. crazy girl. love the set design!


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