Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Would you hold this for me? (or) Unconventional Functionals

I was going to do my stinky sink full of dishes but, instead, I'm blogging about antiques. Go figure. I had every intention to be one kind of productive. But now I'm being another kind of productive. If the dishes would do themselves I'd call this a win win situation.

This Monday, I spent a lovely 11 hours spending time with my dear friend Lindsay. We had some plans. Today, I also learned that eye check-ups require appointment making (One day I'll be a real adult and plan ahead.) So we mostly spent the day following whims through this second hand shop and that antique store, laughing all the way. It was a perfect way to pass a relaxing day off after a long work weekend.

In addition to gathering a grip of ridiculous men's t-shirts to transform into ironic baby onesies for some hip babies-to-be, I picked up a couple fun (and useful) gems for my apartment. 

I like finding unintended purpose in objects. That's the theme today. For instance, I found this sunburst clock on the side of the road a few weeks ago. I dusted it off, hung it up and enjoyed it for a few days before I realized that it was perfectly situated to hold my sunglasses collection!

This tie rack I picked up at Goodwill for $.79. Turn it on end, and flatten the arms in the upward position and I have a brand-spanking new mail holder! I think it looks pretty darn classy, if you ask me.

Also enjoyable? When things with very practical purpose don't take themselves too seriously. For instance, this way crazy and decorated waste basket. I COULD NOT pass this kitschy thing up. (Especially for $2.50!) 

What a lovely day off! I hope your last days of summer are filled with both purpose and whimsy as well. Those are the best kind of days, filled with a lovely balance. 

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