Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall's So Close I Can Smell It

My dad had his first day of school today. That means summer's almost over and the cooler winds are coming soon. There was something like a dewey frost on my car this morning when I left for work. My windows are open right now and a can smell hints of the coming harvest- a musty warm scent. Maybe I'm imagining it, maybe not. Either way, I'm excited for the change of seasons.

I love the way fall feels. smells and looks. I adore the crunch of leaves under my bike tires, the baled hay in the fields, jeans and sweaters. This evening, the setting sun dappled my walls through the lace curtains in my living room window. It is something that happens every season, but it felt like fall to me. 

A new season begs new decor. Out with the old pink wreath and in with some seasonal flair. Pinterest told me that foam tubing was cheaper to buy in the plumbing section. (True!) I twisted a length of that foam into an "O", wrapped and hot glued some upholstery fabric samples around the wreath in strips, fashioned a tidy accordian bow, and finished it up with a bit of matching yarn. Presto, wreath! Total time spent: 1 cheesy movie, give or take some snack and rest moments.

And now, a tune for the upcoming turn of the times. If you don't already love it, you should: Autumn In New York by Billie Holiday. 


  1. Feel free to make a fresh fall wreath anytime.

  2. This morning I realized August is half over already! Augh! I have this feeling that this school year is going to roar on by... but I do hope fall slows down, at least just a bit. Crispness, sweaters w/o coats, gorgeous colors... yep, I'm ready. Thanks for starting the season!


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