Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pinterest Project #1 - Crochet Wreath

Like many ladies out there I am currently wrapped up in a brand new obsession: Pinterest. I love the feeling of being a part of a vast community of stylish and crafty people. And I am collecting a list of projects to tackle in the near future. Feel free to follow me if you wanna, and if you are in need of an invite, I still have 3 left so give me a heads up.

I saw this post on Pinterest about a crocheted wreath. The gist was to single crochet around the girth of a foam ring. The lady had also added some flowery bits around the edges. It was super pretty and inspiring. I pinned it. And then what? I MADE IT!

I didn't have a big ring, so I took the styrofoam packaging that held a large glass candle in it and cut it into 1/2" rings with a bread knife. I think you could have the same kind of effect (a little more rounded) by using dessert-sized paper plates with the middles cut out. 

I had an old pair of magenta tights that had seen their last wearing (RIP- you will be missed) and I cut them into 4" tubes and stretched them around the styrofoam rings.

Half of the rings I left bare (the ones that turned out the best). The other half, I crocheted around with a pretty matching boucle yarn I had in my stash. Because I wasn't planning on adding any scallops I hid the bumpy seam in the back of the ring.

I wound more yarn through the rings to connected them in a large circle and tied a little teal bow on. (Sorry the pictures are so icky, I should have waited to take them in daylight but I was so excited!)

I like the jewel tones on a Christmas wreath. It's festive but unpredictable. Like me! 

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