Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Crafts (and) Taking Part in a Miracle

Well, it's Christmas Eve as of ten minutes ago. This year really just doesn't feel the same. Perhaps it's the fact I worked all week. Perhaps it is the lack of convincing winter weather. Either way, it seems that Christmas snuck up on me.

I've made a commitment this year that for each dollar I spend on gifts and Christmas preparations I will give a matching donation to the Christmas Miracle Offering at my church. The grand goal is to reach 1 million dollars this year half of which will go towards creating water yards and building schools and churches in Sudan and half will go towards sustaining food pantries and facilitating job placement programs in Dayton.

Consequently, I've been taking it easy on the presents this year- imposing a $5 cap on each person. It's made me very aware of the amount of investment I've put into "Christmas" the commercial entity in the past. That could be the difference this year. Less about things more about love.

I wish I had more time to make gifts this year, but with the new job it just wasn't in the cards. It surely would have made cheap presents a whole lot easier to achieve. I did make a couple little doo dads. One, I tossed together yesterday for my niece. I can post it today because I know she won't be checking my blog. She's 2.

It's a simple purse. I just basically crocheted a rectangle then folded like an envelope and single stiched up the sides and around for the handle. The scallops on the flap serve nicely as easy buttonholes. A couple little girl treasures are going inside it. I am excited to see what she thinks. She loves to play dress up- just like her mommy and Aunt Sarah did.

Merry Christmas everyone! All my love. (Holey Moley- it's almost a new year!)

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