Friday, November 2, 2012

Picture Post: Bargain Antiques & Pumpkins

A spur of the moment trip for coffee with a gal pal the other day included a quick dash into one of my favorite Tipp City antique shops. They have a constantly changing display and a great influx of new items. New this trip? A backroom shelf with a construction paper sign "everything $1"! Are you kidding? That's my idea of heaven. Three minutes in there and I had three cutesy items to lug home.

a malt shaker (I used one all the time as a kid. Mmm.
syrup dispenser (I just love the instructions on the underside of the lid.)

a blue glass top hat (I'm using it to wrangle up my rogue bobbypins.)

And these birdies came from a local goodwill for a whopping .59/ea. I haven't decided what to do with them. I thought maybe I would paint them black and hang them in my craft room. But maybe they would make good Christmas decor. Maybe with a red ribbon tied around their necks?  

Halloween was full of experiencing traditions this year. I wore 4 different costumes during the week, carved pumpkins, ate too many sweets, roasted pumpkin seeds, and partook in some good ole debauchery.

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