Saturday, March 16, 2013

Found (then lost) & Found Again

A discovery when I was doing a little spring cleaning the other day. During my years in Minneapolis, I amassed a little collection of found items. It had been my intention to send the lot to Found Magazine. But here they were, under a pile of old chapbooks and thank you notes. I never sent them, and now I don't think I will. Instead, a FOUND post of my own here on glass huff full. (The captions are the cherry on top. Always my favorite part of the magazine. I'm not as funny as the Found staff.)

If you've never heard of Found Magazine, I suggest you spend a chunk of time on the website. It's an incredible community project, well worth your time. Basically, it's a collection of found items from around the world that have beautiful, poignant or funny implications when seen out of context.

FOUND in Minneapolis, MN ** May 2006 - August 2009

Mom and I picking apples. No one else was invited.
I don't have a phone; here's where I live.
Picture for the dating site. "Loves reading in public" And documenting it.
Self Portrait with Cougar & Air Conditioning Unit
"even when you were mad"
(7x9 Print) Proof we were Beiber before it was cool. 
Hippo. (Playing fetch with a Frisbee?)
Just a little friendly segregation with the girls.
A popular topic. 
What have you found lately? It's amazing what you can find dropped on the ground, in a book borrowed from the library, in the closet of a rental, etc. What makes these things interesting is the people who made them or  possessed them. It's like peeking into someone else's life. It's a little bit sneaky. And I love being sneaky every now and then. 

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