Monday, March 11, 2013

A Cutie Pie Baby Shower for a Precious Friend

After a little hiatus due to long work hours and a full life (not to lack of projects, news and ideas to share- mind you)... I'm back! One of many friend-filled days from the last couple months was a baby shower I had the honor of co-coordinating with a couple dear friends. The mama, my gal pal Madison, is one of the most darling people I have ever met. She is a crafter herself, and has impeccable taste. Putting together a shower for her and her little girl (coming in April) was so fun. 

The nursery Madison and her husband, Chris, have been decorating features a wonderful vintage globe lamp. Madison doesn't shy from pastel tones, but enjoys less obviously baby patterns and colors. She's also an earthy gal, so the party took on earthy pastel tones like the colors of a vintage school map.

The afternoon went seamlessly and everyone had fun. Madison was surrounded by so many wonderful women who love her and her family. It is so good to see a community of such strength to come around and support the beginning of a new family unit.

Plenty of vintage luggage and home made pennants donned the whole space. I sewed the pennants together on my sewing machine - easy peasy.

Guests shared motherhood tips at their leisure in the "Unsolicited Advice" corner and jotted a quick note to baby in the pages of the travel-ly Seuss book, "Oh the Places You'll Go!". 

More tiny pennants made from scrapbook paper in the food room. Our super hostess, Kim, did a fantastic job of hanging these garlands.

I designed the postcard invitations. Easy and cheap to print and post. I had a fun time making the little balloon. I had never done anything like it before.

Instead of playing the traditional baby shower games, we had free-flowing mingling and a little crafty corner. Madison and Chris want to have an Alphabet Wall (ala this one on Pinterest) in the nursery so we had party goers RSVP for a letter assignment and bring different sizes and fonts to decorate at the shower. Some people, myself included, decorated their letters beforehand. That's my measuring tape "S" for sarah in the corner of the box.

What a wonderful party.  Baby LIKE.

Here's my own handmade gifts for the sweet little girl baby. Blocks and a bear. Pretty old school gifts. I knew Madison would appreciate the craftiness. She makes baby blankets for all of her friends' little ones. That's the kind of person she is. I wanted to be sure that my gifts were also thoughtfully made. 

The little red dude is made from pieces of a soft sweater my mother accidentally shrunk. The bottom became a throw pillow for my guest room and the scraps were calling out to me to become a bear. Hopefully, baby will one day cuddle him ragged.  The blocks feature a mustache fabric my dear dear cousin gifted me for Christmas.

The last couple months, like I said, were packed full. Middle school overnights and conferences, travels to visit family and grandparents, crafting, friendly get togethers, sickness, snow storms. Oh -you know- LIFE. But I've got plenty yet to share and a renewed determination to attend to the blogosphere. See you soon.

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