Monday, September 19, 2011

Pigs, Pumpkins & Photography (or) Preble Pork

This weekend was perfect for a Pork Festival. Gorgeous weather. Cool enough for a long sleeve t-shirt and warm enough to never fear a shiver. I love going to festivals and fairs whether they be small town or big city gatherings. Whether you know the area well is irrelevant; Everyone belongs at the fair.

I grew up on old MGM musicals. One of many random Huff family traditions is that my Grammalo (My father's mother- named Lois) LOVES to watch and re-watch the movie, State Fair. Her four children, on the other hand, detest the movie because of how many times they were forced to watch it in her household. I side with my Grammalo on the issue, and request the movie in spite of the hissing crowds. Fairs are simple and fun and pure American.

I walked with my camera in hand for 3 hours down dusty roads and stalls. It was fun to pretend to be a photographer. I'm starting to really yearn for a real camera.

My fair dates. Mar and Par Huff. Our lunch: Sugar Cream Pie and Porkchops.
How to find your lunch- find the red balloon.
Steam engine powered apple butter.
Pork Festival Montage.
Pointing piglets.
After the Pork Festival, we stopped a a couple local garden stores on the way home. I found this gorgeous orange scale. I wish I had a huge open home where I could have large pieces like this.

Weighing in.
Gourds and the mother of our Lord.
Fall orange, spring blue.
It's always sad when summer is ending. I love the way people are drawn out into community  with one another by warm weather. This fall and winter I will make a point of trying to coerce others into growing community with me in the cold. Perhaps a competitive snow tubing team? (Oooh, too soon to talk about snow. Eek.)


  1. I am always so jealous of mom when she travels to Ohio for fall festivals. I have always wanted to be back east for autumn colors... MT doesn't really have anything to compare to the ones back east: pork, apple, pumpkin, maple... *sigh* Maybe someday Ryan and I will travel sans kids back east to the coast. I have always wanted see the colors and visit festivals, see famous historical sights, eat fresh seafood. Until then I'll just have to live vicariously through you! ;)


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