Sunday, September 4, 2011

Corndog Muffins on a Rainy Day

My sister and her 4 kiddos are in town this weekend. We've been playing hard, laughing lots and getting plenty of sun. (Until today- a very gray and rainy Sunday.)

On Saturday morning we visited the Wegyrzen Children's Discovery Garden. What a fantastic place! The kids had a blast getting wet and exploring and so did we! (Why were we the only grown-ups prepared in swimsuit garb? Whatever, we were also the coolest -literally- grownups there. ) The Metroparks around Dayton are really fantastic. I love living near the Germantown Metropark. Tons of trails and gorgeous vistas.

Today is the last full day of our long weekend visit. A rainy sunday is welcome when it's just adults, but with 4 children under 8, we've got to find dry inside things to do. Otherwise, we're in for tantrums.

If you want to have fun, start with the food. Who needs to visit the county fair when you can have Corndog Muffins? Easy peasy made up on the spot recipe:

1) layer of hot dog slices
2) spoonful of jiffy cornmuffin mix
3) layer of hot dog slices
4) cook as usual

The big bonus is that the hot dog layers make the mini muffin mix go a little further. I got a whole 12 muffin pan out of it rather than the normal 8. The kids gave them 2 thumbs up. Lily gave it a thumb in the muffin Little-Jack-Horner-style and pulled out a hot dog instead of a plum.

What's in store for the afternoon? Science experiments with magnets. Endless (card) games of war and crazy eights. And hopefully a rain walk. (Aunt Sarah desperately needs some exercise after a kid food lunch.)

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