Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks and Giving

As people keep reminding me, there are seasons to life. I think I'm in a perpetual September right now. Meaning, life hasn't lost the busy nature of the first weeks of school. Work is fun and I am growing to excel (I think) in my tasks and really contribute. BUT, I've learned a little about overcommitment. I'll be putting my learning into action come the new year. But enough about me.

Today is Thanksgiving and though there are many things for which I am grateful, I want to focus this post on one lovely person who has improved my life.

My dear friend from college, Harmony recently suffered a house fire. Our mutual friend explains the event in this text from an email:
I'm writing on behalf of Harmony, who, as you may or may not know, has been living with her brother and his family in Somerville, Mass for the past four months. Last week Harmony woke to discover a fire flaming in their kitchen, warned everyone to get out, and waited with them for the fire department to arrive. Much of the house and its contents were destroyed, if not by flames, then by soot, smoke, or an irresponsible and unnecessary ransacking of otherwise unaffected rooms by a crew of emergency window boarders. Fortunately friends are letting them stay in their house just down the street.

Harmony's friends, co-workers, and students (she is teaching English at a school in Harvard Square) have reacted with kindness and generosity, donating clothing and jewelry. She's just a little overwhelmed right now, concerned especially I think for her brother, his wife, and their two young children, who lost most of their belongings in the rental they've spent so much time and money making a home. Meanwhile, I forgot to ask Harmony if she had much of her art in the house. I dearly hope not. 
Allow me to put a face on this request for help. Harmony is one of the most positive and genuine people I know. She has an infectious smile and laugh and treats every moment as an adventure. She is a fantastic artist with a heart for justice and equality. Above all she is my friend.

Please consider giving to help others tomorrow rather than taking part in Black Friday.


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