Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craft & Flick (or) Return of a Meal Sack

Last night, after mentioning in conversation for the umpteenth time that I intended to someday recover this old beat up lampshade in my living room I decided to take immediate action. So I spent a couple hours doing what I like to do best: 2-hour craft and a movie. I have troubles focusing one just one thing, sometimes. So when I'm crafting I often like to have a movie playing even if I'm not really watching it intently. 

The movie in question? Drop Dead Gorgeous, one of the best (and first?) mockumentaries ever made. Featuring a slew of funny actresses and a cut-through beauty pageant. The lead role, however, belonged to the State of Minnesota. Which explains (I get it now!) why I was really homesick for Minneapolis today. Just really wanting some hot dish, bars, and maybe a frozen lake and a few "ehs". Yah, you betcha.

The craft of the evening? (Pretty much unrelated to the movie, besides the county-chic style.) Flour/grain Sack lampshade cover! The lampshade actually was an accordion style lamp from which my mother had removed the accordions ages ago. When you're covering it, the lampshade's state really doesn't matter. Don't buy a new one for this project. Dumpster dive or shop for one at a thrift store. 

After searching through my fabric for the perfect material (this umbrella pattern from Alison's wedding gift was in the final 3) I stumbled upon this awesome old meal sack my aunt gave me this fall. (It still had grain in the corners that I had to shake out into the snow!) I simply ripped the seams out of the bag, and then draped it over the lampshade as I might on a dress form. Instead of pinning it into place, I hot glued. I'm sure there's a more mathematical way to approach the project, but that's not how I do things. (There are tons of tutorials on the topic online, of course.)

The finished project is really quaint and I'm pretty pleased with my productivity. Next project? Perhaps cutely camouflaging air conditioner covers. More likely, craft room storage. (And a movie, of course.)

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  1. OMgoodness... reeeeeally cute! Good thing I never got around to doin anything to it, unh? Love it.


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