Friday, January 6, 2012

Enjoying Myself (and) Cheapo Cooking Review

Today, after waking up to a blood red throat and a dizzy head, I called in sick to work. My first full sick day since starting my job in September. But it was totally necessary. I've been sleeping poorly lately, and I'm starting to realize the need for one more resolution. Be content to relax and enjoy time by myself.

I have always had a need to be wherever the action is at. In college, I used to struggle with my homework if I could hear any socializing going on within earshot. Facebook has amplified this anxiety in a big way, giving me an international perspective on what I am missing. Lately, since living on my own, this trait has risen up again. I have troubles falling asleep, feeling more separate from friendships and people as I "habitate" rather than co-habituate. 

I'd consider myself a pretty independent girl. I've learned ways to be happy in my single life, but I still tend to prefer the company to solitude. I need to learn new ways of enjoying time by myself (and without screens). A couple summers ago, a poet named Tanya Davis, and her filmaker friend, released a youtube video on this very matter. It's a beautiful testament to the enjoyment of one's own company. 

Today, after forcing myself to sleep through most of the day, I started work on a gigantic crossword puzzle (748 clues!) my uncle sent me from the Christmas Cleveland Plain Dealer. In years past, it has been a tradition to attempt the puzzle over my annual Christmas-time visit to their home. Because of an odd Holiday schedule, I wasn't able to make it up North this year. I was so pleased to find the puzzle tucked in between sheets of tissue paper in their gift to me. Too big to hold in my lap as I watch TV, I'm forced to sit at the kitchen table with the newsprint, sipping on some coffee, spinning some Bob Dylan on my turntable. The resolution? Set aside more time to hang out with myself.
Later, I was craving a little home-cooking smell without any of the effort. A quick perusal of my cupboards came up with an envelope of just-add-milk Peach Cobbler Muffins from Mayberry's Finest.

The products kitschy design and TVland endorsement had more to do with my purchase than my belief of it's tastiness. But Eatin' speaks louder than words, I suppose. The muffins are moist and tasty. I especially like the crusty tops. I think I may attempt a quick and easy cobbler and use this mix as a topper for some  peaches and blueberries.

Either way, it's worth a buck to have one on hand. Cook it for the full 15 minutes or more. I think the "peaches" in the mix make the muffins look browned before they really are.  

Happy cooking! Whether you're enjoying your own company or the company of others.

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