Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Record Day! (or) Dating Myself

Today, after an morning of taking it easy and finishing some mailing prep for the 2012 Huff Family Reunion, I decided that it was high time I took myself out on a date.

I gussied myself up- then took off some of the eye makeup I put on. (Cat eyes are too gussy for errands, it seemed.) The agenda was unclear upon take-off but eventually I hit up, the library, and Urban Ava in Tipp City (a little boutique I had heard good things about. It was cute, but I didn't find anything I HAD to have. I'm too frugal for most boutiques.) Then I went to the Oregon district in downtown Dayton. (I really am starting to love this little city.)

After ordering my favorite, a Kali Latte (featuring... CURRY!) at Press Coffeeshop, sat with a new book "Nom De Plume" (a book of vignettes about authors who used Pseudonyms), journaled a little and enjoyed the customers coming in and out of the little shop. Afterwards I hit up the new (6 months old! How did I miss the boat on this one?) record shop, "The Record Gallery" AND stopped by Omega, too. I went a bit overboard with my purchases.

But I only spent $15.00 TOTAL on all this music! THIS is why I love records. (Amongst other reasons...) I like music that other people either have oodles of, or don't want at all so I can generally get it pretty cheap. I can't wait to spend some time cleaning and listening to all these albums. I suppose some house cleaning and food-cooking is in order. The instrumental albums are especially good for that. 

After cleaning out the record stores I hit up Lucky's and the Century Bar with some good pals before calling it a night. Dayton, you done me right. Still, the next self-date will need to include staying in. My budget can't afford to keep spoiling me like this.


  1. I need to hear more about said latte. Hubs likes curry! Keep writing!

  2. Your blog always makes my day. Have you ever thought about writing a book? I'd sure read it...

    Love you sweet cuz of mine.


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