Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Single Homemaker (or) Juice for 1

There are a lot of blogs out there. Blogs about cheezeburgers and blogs about videogames and tons of blogs much like my own, about pretty things and pretty moments. Still, there's an obvious trend amongst the crafty homemaker blogs. So many of the blogs I follow are the anecdotes of wives and mothers. They are homemakers, in an awesome and traditional way (I have nothing against mommies and wives). But  I'm also a homemaker, sans a husband and sans kiddies. There's a market for a lady like me in the blogosphere. I'd love to see more of us out there. Where are all the single ladies?!

This has been a busy week filled with lots of social outings and innings. I think that I am really becoming comfortable in my skin as a lady who lives on her own. AND I came up with a fix for a single lady issue I've been struggling with. 

Whenever I drink juice, I always cut it 50/50 with water. (I'm sweet in nature, but not-so-much in the tastebuds.) Some years ago, I started just keeping a frozen juice container in the freezer and simply spooning out enough mix for a glass at a time. This works fine for the heftier plastic containers that you can snap the top back on, but the cardboard and aluminum can rolls present a sticky problem. 

My solution? An old glass soda bottle and a liquor pour spout. Half a "shot" of juice is plenty sweetness for my drink. (The cutie pie glass adds a little extra saccharine, though, doesn't it?) Just take what you need and refrigerate until the next time. 

Any nifty "fixes" you've discovered in your happy homemaking adventures? Do share.

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