Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Old Kentucky Home

I'm thinking about Kentucky tonight. Something about the springtime makes me yearn for the hills. I always loved hiking in the spring. The little flowers poking through blankets of dead leaves. The hum of the cicada. Spring peepers. The gushing creek after a storm. Sometimes I hear the highway from my apartment window and imagine it's that spring water trickling over limestone. In dreams, it is.

So, in honor of my "Old Kentucky Home" I threw together a quick slideshow of some pictures of my hometown. Some images are not as interesting to the unacquainted eye, but have great significance to my life there. Perhaps it's the path I walked to school, or the bean tree with the great story. Anyways, I love to show people where I came from. It's one thing to describe the place in words, but I think pictures simply do it better justice.

You can watch my video slideshow here. I did the song for it, too. It's one of my favorite mountain traditional songs, "Pretty Saro".

AND, if you're looking to be further educated on Pippa Passes roadways, you should check out this neato video someone made of their drive from Alice Lloyd to their home, past Hazard, KY. The epic music in the background is actually a super slowed version of Justin Bieber's "U Smile". Nuts, right?

Still to come: more photo documentation of my recent garage sale-ing adventures.

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