Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Chair - Drop-by Post

I got this chair in the garage sales the other weekend. Isn't it fab? It's a bit bright, but what's new? My apartment continues to collect bright pieces. So far my living room has an aqua couch, a teal chair, a pink chair, and two bright yellow pieces (a desk and display-type bookcase). I dont THINK it's too much, not yet. I mean, I can't paint my walls, so...

This week I spent a lot of my free time being sick and trying to beat it. Me and NyQuil have had nightly dates. Blogging has fallen by the wayside. So have other things.

Things I DIDN'T do this week:
- blog
- laundry
- call distant friends
- go to the doctor (shoulda done that)
- dishes
- grocery shop

(the last two items haven't been tackled in probably three weeks. It's super gross. I've been eating creatively and off of weird surfaces.)

Things I DID do this week:
- saw local friends
- pretended I wasn't sick
- read The Devil Wears Prada (fun and totally different from the movie)
- started reading Wicked
- made puppy chow

The last item on this list was a resounding success at two separate parties this week. I made some original chocolate and peanut butter chow, but then was inspired to mix it up a bit. The second batch I melted butterscotch chips and mixed in some (unsweetened) coconut shreds for a flavor surprise. I loved the final product and so did my pals. (especially the pregnant type of pal)

This week will be less sick if I have anything to do with it. And I do intend to do a little crafting for a new wreath for my door. Ole Pink Wreath is wearing out its welcome and starting to fade a bit.

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