Friday, May 4, 2012

Finding Pretty Things on a Rainy Day

This weekend is the big city-wide garage sale weekend in Tipp City. Madison and I hit up some spots this evening as a precursor to what could be a whole day of yard snooping tomorrow. The clouds darkened ominously, but we got to a few juicy sales before the rain started. Some treasures of the evening?

A Marlbolo Great Trails Rand McNally Road Atlas Wallet & Pretty Blue Scarf. (I suppose there's no NEED for such an atlas in my life. But it's so darn adorable and stylish!)

A Vintage Brass Magazine Rack. I already have a magazine rack, but who could pass this up?! It's so wonderfully vintage and in pretty great condition. I was thinking if it doesn't hold reading materials it will hold craft supplies. Maybe even yarn.)

After our shopping, we went for dinner at Harrison's. Madison labeled our take home boxes. We dashed from awning to stoop trying to avoid being drenched on our way to the car.

The light this evening was beautiful. The sky was both bright and dark. Spurts of sun made the wet sidewalks glimmer like gold. I was so happy to be out and about, spending time with a friend rather than inside, despite the weather.

This week has been a challenge for me. My Grampa Weiant passed away last Saturday. He had been struggling with health issues for a couple years, but it was still hard to believe that he -the most persistent and proactive man I have ever known- could have been conquered by pneumonia. He passed away surrounded by family. I got to say goodbye and I know he was proud of me and my life's path. I am at peace with his death, knowing that he is in no pain and partying with Jesus. Still, I miss my Grampa.

Days like this one -with the beautiful dichotomy of light and darkness- remind me of the importance of the rough patches in life. They press us to rely on faithfulness and trust in God for strength. Grampa took a long time to become the gentle man I knew him to be, God worked in his stubborn heart for years before winning him over. As a result of his darker times, Grampa became a man who invested himself in my life, supporting me through my uncertain years and encouraging me to do things I loved. He also pressed me and challenged me to work hard to achieve greatness. What a fantastic man. I am so blessed to have had 28 years to know and love him in person.

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  1. God bless you and thank you for such delicious memories. Your Grampa was very proud of you... and so am I. I love you.


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