Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Very Tiny Garden

Today was a beautiful spring day. Inspired by the sunshine that taunted me while I was sitting at my desk all day, I spent some time in my tiny patio garden when I got home.

Several weeks ago, I started some kale and lettuce in my makeshift, shoe rack hanging planter. Only one lettuce seed made it past the dirt's surface. That would be the top left spot on the rack. The kale, on the other hand, is making me a proud mama. Today, I split and transplanted my herb starts. I also planted some squash and cucumber seeds. I am attempting to keep the starts better separated by using trisected toilet paper tubes. We'll see how it goes. I'll report back on the progress.

On the way home from work, I passed by an estate sale. Nagged by the momentary images I saw from the corner of my eye as I passed by, I pulled a U-turn and visited the sale. Go figure, I run into my garage sale-ing partner from the weekend, Madison. I found this wonderful school desk to use on my patio. It is just the perfect size for the space and should stand up pretty well to weather.

My porch space is coming together and becoming a more useful and pretty space. Tonight I made a grilled sandwich, served up with some pickle spears. Nothing fancy. Honestly, my food life isn't very fancy very often. I ate dinner and read a book in my little back porch nook. 

Check out my new pickle saver! (another garage sale find) I grew up with one of these constantly stocked in our family fridge. My dad reminded me the other day that my snack of choice as a kid was a big pickle, held in my hand like an ice cream cone, wrapped in a napkin. 

I'm kind of addicted to these no bake cookie balls. I made them loosely based on this recipe. I didn't have coconut or much honey, but they're still tasty- and not that bad for me, really!

Some days, it is really hard to be an adult. I would much rather have spent the afternoon reading a book at the park, on a blanket, sipping on some vino. But I sat behind a computer and clacked at keys. I do love my job, but sometimes I wish I could have a good, long vacation. One day soon. Until then, I will continue to make the most of the daylight hours after I work my 9 to 5. Life is pretty darn good.

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