Thursday, March 1, 2012

2 Favorite Things : Kentucky & a Record Frame

Whelp, I've been a little absent this past week. A little emotionally exhausted and a little busy. Life is slowly slipping back into it's normal paces.

I made a quick trip to Kentucky for Mike's funeral with my mom last week. I learned over and over during the visitation and funeral about the amazing influence Mike's life had on a buh-zillion people. It was so good to be surrounded by my southern family- especially after a 4 year absence. What a relief to find that I still feel as though I "belong".

Kentucky is several weeks ahead on its journey towards spring. There were crocuses and buds. At night, we stayed in the guest house at Alice Lloyd College (the school campus I grew up on as a professor's brat). Caney creek was rushing from the melted snow. The sky was darker, the stars bright. Voices bounced off the hills as college kids yelped late-night hellos. Did I imagine the sound of spring peepers? I slept more soundly than I had in ages.

In the morning, before we left campus, mom and I visited the grave of our dear dog. I brushed wet leaves off of the slate slabs marking the spot. We stood for a few moments, remembering it all. On the way out we saw a black dog, his shape and size trotting towards the highway.

I didn't bring a camera. At first, I regretted the oversight, but it turned out to be a blessing. There never was a moment that felt like it should be captured. It was a beautiful visit that will exist in memory only.


On another, less somber and more crafty note.. I wanted to show off one of my absolutely most favorite (and most useful) Christmas presents from this year. I asked my dad to craft a "Now Playing" shadow box for my media center. I imagined a shelf box in which I could put a 33 record. He went above and beyond and created this gem.

It's an enclosed frame that you slide a record in from the side. I absolutely adore it. And it gives some oft neglected cover art a moment to be the center of attention. I totally think he could make a million dollars selling these babies to hipsters and jazz cronies.

Coming soon: a picture diary of Dayton's Ale Fest. Now, THAT's a photo opportunity.

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  1. I loved hearing about your trip. It was almost something out of green gables. Those were some of my favorite passages, the ones describing the coming spring...

    Neat-o frame! He TOTALLY could sell it on something like Etsy. Maybe you could learn how to make them. Your Dad's gifts were always my favorites over the years. There is just something special about a gift that you know people spent time on, while thinking of you.

    Call me soon! I want to hear all about your new job, apartment, etc...



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