Monday, March 5, 2012

Alefeast Day & Dayton Night

As promised: a photo diary of some of my Saturday in Dayton. We also hit up some spots in the Oregon District (Press, Peace on Fifth, and The Record Gallery) which I didn't capture. But I did get a few shots of some great old signs and buildings we passed during our walk across the river to the Masonic Temple.

And a few shots of ALEFEAST itself. Not enough. And NONE of the food! What kind of diary is it if it doesn't reflect the crux of the event? I guess I ate so much that my brain wasn't functioning properly. Check out those awesome lighting fixtures in the main room. I was kinda in love with them with their funny uncovered bulbs and crusty green foliage.

After the event, we took the long way back to my friends' place in the Oregon District and walked past the Riverside Community Park. We watched the skaters for a while and toasted our fingers on the open fires. It's nice to see people out and about in cooler weather. It reminds me of my winters in Minneapolis (except much, much warmer).

In summary- Yay, Dayton! I continue to learn new amazing things about my nearest metropolitan area that make me love it more. It is a great truth that our experiences are only as enriching as we make them. I can either grumble and groan about living in an economically depressed, small Ohio city or I can make an adventure of each and every outing and encourage others to do so as well. That's the only way Dayton will ever evolve and grow to thrive post-industrially.

Coming soon: an overdue wedding gift! 

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