Monday, March 19, 2012

Ladies in Painting (and) Another Record Day

Since summer decided to come early, I've been enjoying an awful lot of unprecedented March social events and outside engagements. The windows are open and fresh air is flowing. Creative juices are flowing, too!

photo credit - Amy Bracken

Sunday, I met with some lady friends to have an afternoon of art-making. Our host, Tracey, provided the necessary tools and everyone (but me, gosh I was underprepared) brought snacks for sharing. None of us claim to be professional painters. Though Tracey is a (seriously talented) media artist and graphic designer. We all just came in with open minds and blank canvasses. It was fun to watch our hall of fame grow as we taped up finished products.

photo credit - Amy Bracken

The afternoon was very productive for me. A pastel drawing and a few watercolors and pen drawings and blind contours (drawing without looking at the paper- my favorite!). I practice quantity when it comes to making 2D art. I think maybe my lack of ability to focus for too long makes my attention to detail suffer a little. Meh. It's fun!

 Today was equally gorgeous. I spent a good part of the day outside exploring some of the parks in Tipp City. I was really impressed by the paths around the ponds and the river at the Nature Center. Afterwards I ran some errands, did a little shopping and I found secret stash of dollar records in the 2nd story of a little antique store. I might have gotten a little carried away, but I couldn't help myself. And, yes, you do see the Village People, ABBA, and Steve Martin in the mix. 

Though Smoke Dreams has a truly wonderfully spooky/sexy cover (perhaps too sexy for this space), I must vote this Tommy Dorsey album the prettiest of the day.

 I have yet to listen to them all. I am excited to throw open the windows, turn up the knob and listen from a cozy corner on my back patio. First, there's a project to be completed. That back patio is just a slab of concrete sporting a crispy Christmas tree, bike, and trash can. There's a lot to be desired. Thank goodness the weather looks to hold out for a few more days so I can prepare the porch. 

Wedding gift post will come soon. I have to mail it first... and confirm its receipt before I show it off. 


  1. Dude you are so talented! I guess I shouldn't be surprised to find you are an artist as well. Wonder how many of those creative "huff" genes I got??? I would totally buy a print of your citrus drawing... It would fit right into my circa 1930's little villa!

  2. your vegetable still lifes are great!


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